DHI is an independent research and consultancy organization. DHI's objectives are to build competence and promote technological development in areas relevant to water, environment and

health in the fields of ecology and aquaculture, water resources, hydraulic engineering, coastal morphology and hydrodynamics as well as other related fields. DHI has a total staff of more than 1000 worldwide. DHI's main office is located in Hørsholm, Denmark, and offices are located in 28 countries in Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Australia, and America. DHI invests about 20% of its resources in R&D to extend its knowledge in the various fields related to water, environment and health, and to improve its methods and software. DHI co-operates with universities in Europe and outside Europe.

Two departments at DHI will participate in the project:

  • Marine Infrastructure and Energy
  • Climate Change and Water Resources

Marine Infrastructure and Energy

At DHI, we offer a wide range of services for the transportation and energy production sector. We assist with optimization of port layout, operational optimization of hydropower plants and predict the energy production from renewable energy sources. Activities also cover the determination of design loads and response of offshore structures and pipelines. The services provided by DHI combine in-house expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, which include advanced numerical models and physical modelling often supported by hydrographic, biological and chemical field surveys.

DHI has been very active as the developer and operator of GMES services for public and industry. This is true both via participation in the existing FP7 Space downstream projects, FIELD_AC, AquaMar and CoBiOS together with the ESA funded MarCoast project as well as a completely user driven line of operational services mainly via www.waterforecast.com.

Climate Change and Water Resources

Solving water and environmental problems often requires integration of various aspects such as conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water, water quantity and quality, irrigation water demand, water use conflicts, environmental and socioeconomic aspects, and integration of the natural systems into political and institutional systems. With long term experience in this field a particular advantage of DHI is cutting-edge expertise coupled with state-of the-art decision support tools to assist in the policy analysis and strategic planning of water and environmental resources.

DHI has achieved a leading position within the field of integrated management of land and water resources. Furthermore, we have contributed to defining IWRM approaches and pioneered their application through support to national planning processes.

Contact persons:

Jacob V. Tornfeldt Sørensen

Henrik Madsen

Link: http://www.dhi.dk/