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Starlab is a science and technology oriented SME with expertise in high-tech research and in managing projects, as well as with EC Framework Programmes and the ESA. Starlab’s main areas of work lie in the Space and Neuroscience sectors, two key areas for the 21st century with a common element: the increasing availability of streams of information. Starlab provide technical solutions, products and services for governments, industry and downstream markets.

The Space Engineering Business Unit of Starlab provides top-level technical consulting and value added EO services to many clients in Europe, and contributes significantly to several ESA technology programs. Starlab studies and develops new space sensors and mission concepts for environmental monitoring, including remote sensing applications of GPS and Galileo, as well as innovative radar concepts. In this area, Starlab responds to their clients' needs in an original, efficient and effective way thanks to the top-level quality of our researchers and to the 10-year accumulated experience of our Company.

More specifically, within the Space Engineering Business Unit, the Space Altimetry area provides advanced mono-static space altimetry technical consulting with special emphasis in the new altimetric, improved-resolution SAR mode. We are specialised in processing satellite altimeter high-resolution data and extracting relevant geophysical information, as well as providing assessment of on-board and on-ground processing techniques, including re-tracking.

Starlab focuses also on the definition of innovative algorithms for applications in Earth Observation. In the last years, Starlab has greatly advanced on the applications line. Specifically, Starlab has R+D capability and experience on image processing, system design, data assimilation, data fusion and data integration.

Starlab also offers downstream services based on Earth Observation data, and through various ESA and EC Framework Programmes Starlab has become a consolidated Copernicus service provider in the Marine environment. The fields of application offered range from hydrology (water management, snow detection and soil moisture) to marine environment (water quality, algal blooms and jellyfish detection)

Two departments at Starlab will participate in project:

  • Starlab Space
  • Starlab Services

Contact person:

Camille Pelloquin